for spooktober 2021 day 4: book
click on the book's right edge to turn the page


he spun the matte red prism on its edge, then gazed at the blank window into the warehouse as the red unfurled.

paid no mind to the hypnotism the cube was said to have. sheathed the new dirk into his belt.

he dug his muddy boots into the chain link fence. ascended and giggled at his ease. overlooked the horizon filled with fields and factories. something was stuck to his hair. hm?


he thinks wholly about the implications of her words: "i cry myself to sleep, i mean that literally"

as he sits, locked in her empty attic, with only his dagger to entertain and feed himself. checks for any crumbs on his linty jacket and the slimy floor, but...

he won't give in.